Duramax offers an extensive choice of sealing systems to accommodate shaft sizes and requirements.

From the Duramax Johnson Heavy-Duty Stuffing Box with “Air Seal” design that allows changing packing without dry docking to the Duramax Self-Adjusting Face Seal System that cuts maintenance and reduces oily contaminated water in the bilge. Or, the “Stern-Boy” Series of stuffing boxes with matching stern-castings for smaller commercial and pleasure craft, to the revolutionary Duramax Ultra-X High-Performance Compression Packing. They all have one thing in common – Duramax commitment to that highest quality standards in the industry.
stuffing DryMax Shaft Seal

The seal is a water-lubricated axial shaft seal system constructed of the highest quality materials which have been engineered to deliver long service life.
stuffing Johnson Heavy-Duty Air Seal Stuffing Box

Robust construction, designed for optimum performance and easy maintenance. Could last the life of your vessel.
Ultra-X Duramax Ultra-X High Performance Compression Packing

High performance compression packing engineered specifically for the marine industry that outlast flax more than 5 to 1.
Strong Boy Duramax Strong Boy Stern Stuffing Boxes and Matching Stern Castings

Manufactured of cast bronze, for 4" to 6" (101.60mm - 152.40mm) shafts on smaller commercial and pleasure craft.
Mechanical Face Seal Duramax Mechanical Face Seal System

Commercial grade system engineered for propeller shafts and rudder assemblies, in face seal configuration.
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